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Diaper Machine Automatic

Diaper Machine Automatic

Main specifications and parameters: Main configuration:

Main specifications and parameters:

Machine size

22.5*2.5*3.5 M (L*W*H)

Overall size  

28*4*4 M (for reference only)

Product size


Product size range length:

380mm-540mm width: 280mm-340mm

Design speed

450pieces / minute

Stable working speed

350 pieces/ minute

Minimum efficiency


Maximum waster

 ≤3%( excluding the waste caused by glue applicator and material splicing joint)

Power sources

380V, 50 HZ (three phases, four lines & ground wire)

Air pressure

0.8Mpa 2.6m³ / min

Installation capacity


Water consumption

0.5 liter/M

Total weight

65 tons

Noise level


Main configuration:

Drive system              

Full servo driving & PLC programmable controller guarantee the stability and precision of machine performance, modular structure of automation programme realize the convenient operation and maintenance, HMI operating panel and LED touchable screen ensure the high efficiency and intelligentization of production.

Electrical & pneumatic system

Electrical and pneumatic system is fully equipped with main panel, motors, fans, control boxes etc. Main panel is multifunctional and easily operated. Vacuums and air pumps can fully guarantee the consecutive air supply and strong suction force of assembly belts and other components.

Unwinding and splicing system

With the support of vacuum conveyor belts and other transfer units, tension of the webs and elastics are electronically controlled and adjustable through touchable screen, web splicing can be both automatic and manually operated without the reduction of production speed.

Edge guide system

Upscale edge guide system we installed, which compose interconnected guiding controller, guiding sensor and guiding actuator, can carry out the real-time correction of the running deviation without any human intervention, highly improving the efficiency and quality of production.

Detection system

Raw materials presence is continuously monitored through a series of sensors and cameras all along the production lines. Non-compliant products are automatically alarmed and rejected to guarantee the qualified rate of production.

Packaging system

Auto counter stacker with compressing units, semi-automatic bagging machine and automatic bagging machine can be customized if need

Safety system

To ensure the highest safety of operator under all circumstances, general machine safety system, consists with safety doors and emergency system, is installed on the power electrical circuit and in all machine doors. Safety plate is well fitted on all the cutting units.

Diaper machine automatic

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