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Eight indexes of high quality tissue
Jan 17, 2018

A variety of tissue products has become the necessities of daily life, such as toilet paper, facial tissues, napkins, paper box, paper handkerchiefs and so on, but there is a variety of tissue products on the market ,and they are good and bad in quality. How do consumers to choose high-quality tissue products? Experts’ suggestion for you: High quality tissues should meet the requirements of the following 8 indicators:


Firstly,look at the outer packing. We should first check the outer packing when we choose the tissues. The packaging and sealing of products should be neat and firm, without breakage; The packaging should be printed with the manufacturer's name, date of production, product grades (excellent products, first-class products, quality, standards, implementation) with the hygienic standard number and other hygienic standard of information and so on. Secondly, look at the appearance of paper. The paper should be clean, and there should be no obvious paper defect impurities such as dead fold, incomplete, damaged, hard block, grass straw, paste and so on. When paper is used, there should be no serious loss of hair and dust. There should be no residual printing ink in paper.  


It means that components or the number of sheets is not enough, according to the relevant provisions, generally, the goods with a net content of 50 grams to 100 grams of, the negative deviation should not exceed 4.5 grams; The goods with a net of 200 grams to 300 grams should not exceed 9 grams.


 Tissues are not as white as possible, it is likely to have added excess fluorescent bleach in them. Fluorescent agent is the main cause of dermatitis in women, and long term usage may also be carcinogenic. How to identify whether the fluorescent bleaching agent is excessive? Firstly, the tissue should be natural ivory with the naked eyes, or placed the tissue in(such as UV detector) irradiation of ultraviolet light, if it appears blue fluorescence, so it is proven that the tissue contains fluorescent agents. But low brightness will not affect the use of toilet paper, but it shows that the raw materials used are poor, and do not choose such products as much as possible.

4、Water absorption 

You can drop water on it and see how the absorption,the more faster the absorption the better.

5、Transverse tensile index

 It is the flexibility of tissue, whether it is easy to break when used. Pure wood pulp, because of its long fiber,so it has large tensile strength, good toughness and is not easy to break.


 It is an important indicator of tissue products. Good tissues should give people a soft and comfortable feeling. The main reason that affects the softness of the tissues is the fibrous raw material and crinkling technology of the toilet paper. Generally, cotton pulp is better than wood pulp,wood pulp is better than wheat straw pulp , the tissues with excessive softness are rough in use. 


It is a requirement to define eyelet number of wrinkles tissue, eyelets will have an impact on usage of tissues, too many eyelets in the paper not only make the appearance of wrinkles is poor, and it is easily damaged,so that affecting the wiping effect.

 8,Dust degree

 It means that whether the dust on the tissue is much or not. If the raw material is wood pulp, the dust degree is no problem. But if the recycled paper is used as the raw material and the process is not properly treated, the dust degree will be difficult to reach the standard.

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    Links:Baby Diaper Machine  Toilet Paper Machine

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