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Factory exploration:This is how diapers are produced and test!
Jan 29, 2018

You think the diaper factory is a large workshop packed with sanitary supplies and workers assemble ceaselessly in it. You think a bunch of people working ceaselessly around the machine can produce safe and hygienic diapers, that's wrongQuanzhou HI-CREATE Machinery Manufacturing Company will take you to the diaper production factory, witnessed the whole process of production and testing of diapers.

In order to prevent the hair into the product inadvertently, you should wear a hat and mask through the wind leaching door and remove the dust into the workshop.


The production workshop of the diaper is built strictly in accordance with the standard of 300 thousand level of cleanliness, and the degree of cleanliness is much higher than the national standard. When workers enter the production area, they must wear masks and hats. Before entering the workshop, they must clean their hands. After passing the wind leaching into the workshop, they must sterilize their hands with alcohol, so that they can carry out related operations of production.


According to the introduces from the staff, the inspection of semi-finished product in the diaper production line has about 90 items, the contents of inspection including the appearance, size , performance and so on, through the inspection of CCD ( to inspect the defections of products), metal detection (to prevent metal mixing), weight detection (to prevent missing pieces), X-ray test (to prevent peeling, rubber, ceramics, metal and other foreign matters from entering) and other sophisticated detection equipment testing before packing into the box. Passing the high standard interceptors ensures that each piece of diaper is high quality, safe and comfortable.


 After the product is put into storehouse, the quality department will conduct the microbiological sampling for the products. The testing standards are strictly operated according to GB15979, and the products can be sold out after passing the test( the detection period is 7 days). Once the microbe sampling is found to be unqualified, the product is forbidden to sell.


After visiting the factory, the staff made a comparative test on the air permeability, dry property and absorbency of the diapers with a well-known Japanese brand. After falling the artificial urine on the diaper, HI-CREATE diapers surface dried quickly and whiten,and its absorbency is better than the well-known Japanese brand of diapers , and its surface feels no moist feeling.


 In addition, the reporter also watched the core strength test, with the vibration of 220 time / minute, only 1 minutes later,a brand of diaper appeared the phenomenon of core fracture, but HI-CREATE baby diaper machine production of diapers core is still intact without lump phenomenon.

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