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How to judge the quality of diaper?
Jan 10, 2018

Product introduction

A product is closely related to its texture, fastidious materials, details of the handing and so on.Knowing the materials and textures of products,it can be convenient for us to check whether the information is true or not .



The family who has a moving baby should be specially careful ,because if the baby moves ,it may cause the diaper not to be fit,which result in side leakage. The diapers which have good elasticity can fit the body better, and the mother can repeatedly pull the lumbar Velcro in a gentle strength to feel the elasticity.



The softness of diapers can be felt by mothers, the elastic softness is different with the pure softness, because the design of diapers core and surface layer is different ,and mothers can feel it on their arms.


Air permeability

There is nothing more important than air permeability in summer, testing it by yourself than saying it well by the businessman. Put the diaper on the prepared water container and cover it with the prepared transparent glass. If there is steam, it proves that the air permeability of the diaper is very good, because there are advanced microporous membrane in the diaper which has good air permeability


Water absorption

Water absorption is the fundamental ability of diapers, of course,the best way is to test it with water. Put the diaper flat,and pour into 300ml salt water in it ,then the water will diffuse evenly in all directions rapidly and absorb faster and have more uniform diversion. Because the core of the good paper diaper had better diversion, so that the liquid is distributed evenly and do not cause reverse osmosis.


The property of showing urine

While testing the water absorption of the diaper, you can check whether the diapers property of showing urine is displayed in time. The diapers property of showing urine can make the parents know the real-time situation of baby's small buttock better, so that the parents can better care about their baby while they are busy with their own affairs.


Reverse osmosis

After the previous absorption test step,then immediately use the dry towel to press on the paper diaper which had already absorbed water, if the dry towel isnt wet, so it proves the absorbency of the diapers is good and the diaper can not reverse osmosis, so it can give the children the better enjoyment .


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