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The ten best sanitary napkin brands in the world
Dec 12, 2017

1.【It is the top of the list in Japan】

COSMO is called “Hermes”in the sanitary napkin in publicity.It is more frivolous than the ultra-thin series, and no sense of it.The body of sanitary napkin adopts new liquid technology and its absorbed dose is three times as more as common sanitary napkins.


@others' Rabbit God:"It wasn't real filmy when I first looked at it.But I felt very good when I used the sanitary napkins with better fit .Even if the it is so hot, we can not worry about perspiration and it must not displaced with fidgeting.We can find there are many water absorption holes,the effectiveness of water absorption is so good,when we observe carefully.It fully conforms the so-called 3D stereo stealth.

2【Kao Laurier F 】It said that COSME is the top of the list.Kao Laurier F -COSMO ,It can absorb menstrual blood at once and expel moisture rapidly.It is the new design of net surface that reduces the contact surface with skin max,and gives the sensitive skin the most considerate care. 


3【it is not Haruko Akagi,it is Qingzi】"I saw a recommendation of this sanitary napkin online,so I decided to buy it to have a try and it is really comfortable and breathable.


4【European reputation of the goods】--Faeuiua Lak,it is a healthy product ,with high sincerity ,which has obtained a national certification and is full of popularity in Europe. Ultra- thin and zero touch,using it as useless .The quality is so good.


@Red-fruit pink:"Recently many friends are recommending Faeuiua lak ,I gave the thumbs-up decidedly after using.The seal degree is so good ,because I am a neat freak so my thing must be sealed well

(I gave the thumbs-up to the detail of each piece of independent packaging),I found it has many riser vents after opening it.It is not only so comfortable to use but also very dry.In addition,I  found only one special characteristic of it which it is so frivolous.

5【The healthy goodliness from Australia】 Tom organic--This is the only sanitary products' brand which has obtained the ACO organic certification.All raw materials come from organic farms and give us 100% natural security.It is so healthy.


@waiting for becoming a butterfly;“This is the product which I have used all the time.It fits the skin well and its absorbency is good.If it is produced to fit for the Asian size,it will be better.”

6【Foreign Whisper】

Always, This is a brand of P&G.Actually it is overseas Whisper and it is just a different name.

Similarly,the net surface ,as the main product of Always ,is cottony.(If you want to more soft ,you can try the “Silk Collection Softer”series).But there are many pads without wings ,so you must see straight whether it is with wings or without wings.It is called “Always Ultra Secure Night”which has the most strong absorbed dose.Its thickness of 3 mm and it is the night sanitary pad in the most tail area ,60% larger than the common sanitary napkins.It can not have side leakage 100% with guarantee and it is fit to the girls who like more thick.


@a girl is right:”So I took a box of sanitary napkins abroad with me because I thought that only tampons were used by European firstly.Haw-haw,I will have it in my life in the future ,but it is OK to find the suitable size .This kind of Always is also comfortable.

7【German reliable products】Facelle adopted the ultra dry guidance leakage technology,though it has a larger quantity,its surface also will be silky soft and dry at once.


@the cloudy out of window:It is really as the advertised that it is ultra dry,so frivolous with super absorption.It is not wet sticky and discomfort when I use it.It is right and it is so thin that we can no sense of it.It is so comfortable.

@Italy elegance:LINES -has been obtained the certification of EU.It does not avoids the “close injury”and has the super absorbent mechanism,but also it is easy to lock 3 drops of liquid with thin silk cotton.Say goodbye to the embarrassment.

@super mini Winnie:”Wow,what a favorite brand.I will miss it after returning home.It’s so dry and comfortable and to use.

@Switzerland gentle:Libresse,as the female’s body shapes automatically,really perfect and no side leakage,is a unique design of proof plastic leakage.

@Small Feifei loves flying:”Not all milk are Milk Deluxe,not all Libresse is sanitary napkin,oh,Well.Giving a thumbs-up.

Face value fanatic:Moxie--with sweet princess style,the good-looking fans don’t want to refuse absolutely.It is so convenient to carry out with a small tin package.Ultra thin and breathable,we almost feel it is there.

@sweet:I bought it because of its good-looking packaging purely.And it sent me a lovely pink small box.It is clean and hygienic to put it into the bag,and we aren’t afraid to embarrassment.

8【The last kind of tampons,  no love can be ignored】Tampax is a British special tampon brand and its name is very similar to tampon.Thanks to it is designed for tampon brand specially ,so I personally prefer its products.Furthermore,all products come with a built-in device,we can select the absorption degree according to our usual different flow.According to the different tampon products  ,Tampax has the detailed user manual ,so the girls, who have never used, don’t worry.


@RED SCARF:”Even if you don’t love tampons very much,as a girl,maybe sometimes we will have to require them in our life. (such as playing out in swimsuit in summer and going to Spa when will touch water.)So everybody still learn how to use better.The people who often use the tampons can tell you that you can find the tampons is more comfortable than sanitary napkins as long as you are used to.Because it is built-in,so you have no sense of it. You will not feel wet and  uncomfortable or worry about the side leakage.(if used correctly ,it is good)

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