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The exposure of oil stains on the inferior tissue papers after being burned
Jan 15, 2018

   Insiders:Good tissues are burned to ashes without residual yellow oil or fluorescent agent. 

   Contrastive burning experiment:

Bulk toilet paper: After the bulk toilet papers are burned out,its ashes are all black , and there will be a film of yellow oil stain on the surface of white dish,it’s  sticky and slippery. It is so disgusting and cannot be washed with water.

   A famous brand of toilet paper: After being burned out, there is also a film of yellow oil stain on the white dish white dish, but the color is slightly shallow.

   Office printing paper:The ashes are gray, and there are no oil stains on the white plates.

   Why do the yellow oil be left by the white toilet paper produced by the toilet paper machine?

   According to a reporter's investigation, many sanitary paper are regenerated from recycled papers,in order to be softer and more white, and many chemical additives such as fluorescent agents are often added in papers. Insiders say that the long-term exposure of human skin to fluorescent agent can cause cancer. However,at present, the national standard of the sanitary paper’s production has not been stipulated in the addition of the related chemical reagents.

   Contrast experiment:

   Three kinds of paper has three kinds of results

 ”One time, I felt so itching and uncomfortable after using a brand of toilet paper.So I think whether the paper is unclean or not? Then I lit the paper of the brand on the white dish, and it surprised me: The ashes on the dishes were black, and there was a film of yellow oil, and I did not wash my hand cleanly after touching it,it’s sticky.” Mrs. Huang wanted to figure out what was the matter with it?

   The reporter made an experiment for that.

   First,he chose two kinds of toilet papers to test, one is brand toilet paper, the other is common bulk paper. By appearance, the common bulk paper of toilet paper machine is slightly darker and rough, and there are some black spots on the papers. The brand toilet paper is soft, snow-white and feels very good. 

The reporter took out a clean dish, first he lit a piece of bulk toilet paper,after  being burned out,there was also a film of obvious yellow oil stains on the white dish’s surface,and the oil stains can not be washed away if it was touched by hands,it’s so sticky, slippery and nauseous,furthermore its ashes are black. Then another brand of toilet paper was lit, and after the toilet paper was burnt out, there was also a film of yellow oil stains on the white dish white dish, but the color was light, and it was also difficult to wash away. 

   Finally, a test was made with an office printing paper. After this time, there was no trace on the plate and its ashes were gray.

The tissue machine of the small paper mill is very simple. 

   What is the film of yellow oil stain? The reporter conducted a survey. The reporter found a variety store in the wholesale market in Qinghe, there were filled with various kinds of roll toilet papers in front of the door. Most of these sanitary papers are marked as 100% pure wood pulp, and the manufacturers are from all parts of every province. “Is 100% wood pulp really? Why are so many ashes there and the color not white?” “They are all wood pulp, and there's no whitening agent in the black papers.”the shopkeeper answered.

   According to the clues, there are many mills in Zhongdang Dongguan. One of the paper mills,the waste papers with thousands of square meters are piled up, and a bundle of waste paper is thrown on the muddy ground. “These are all the waste paper bought, and the white ones can be made into toilet paper.” A worker told the reporter. In addition, the reporter also found a paper factory named “Strong Light” which is a paper products factory in the Dongguan Janeshazhou Industrial Zone. The workshop is relatively simple. In the workshop, the ground is piled with bags of sanitary paper. The toilet paper depends on one or two machines and four or five workers from producing to packing , without any pollution prevention facilities and toilet paper machine.

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