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Is toilet paper processing technology easy to learn
Dec 22, 2017

   1, The local market survey

   The local market investigation mainly investigates the sales channels and the local consumption level.Because the consumption level of each city is different,some areas' consumption is lower and other areas' is higher, so the quality of toilet paper used by people from cities of different consumption level is different. The toilet papers has different level of high and low,so it is necessary to investigate where is the local main sales line and which level the quality of toilet paper is in this city of consumption level.

   2, What produce should be do

   After the market survey, that is to say ,whether the toilet paper that you want to produce is rolls of paper,non-mandrel paper or with paper tube ,you’d better choose the high-producing one to produce,because it will help you choose the function and automation’s degree of equipment in the context of fund shortage and reduce the cost of entrepreneurship.The specific functions will be introduced in detail by the manufacturer.

   3, Selective purchase of raw materials

To process the toilet paper, the toilet paper semi-finished product should be considered firstly.Because the toilet paper semi-finished product is a pivotal reason to process toilet paper successfully,so it is primary question for friends of entrepreneurship to choose a cheap factory of toilet paper semi-finished product.


Toilet papers have many kinds of names,such as shaft toilet paper,original toilet paper and bar paper,etc.Maybe there are many different names in each place.The toilet paper is generally based on the diameter and the size of toilet paper to measure size and the gram weight to measure weight.There are also according to other reasons,such as, selection of pulp,grain size,tensile strength and whiteness degree to distinguish papers of different level .The size of the toilet paper should be finished calculating in advance before processing the toilet paper,it can control the cost of production and processing on the basis of saving raw materials.

   4, Selectivre purchase of packages

   You can buy packages which you wanted in the manufacturers that specializes in producing packages.You can also be your own manufacturers of packages’ brand. After all,entire big brands are made by small brands.

   5,selections of manufacturers

   The equipment of toilet papers directly affect the production of processing factory of toilet paper.The quality of the toilet paper equipment determines the weight,tightness and breakage of the toilet paper during the curling process.Although we can not see the equipment,we can judge by the observing the weight and tightness of the paper.Comparing with other manufacturers repeatedly,you should pay attention to the quality of equipment,the internal configuration,the degree of automation and the safety of operation instead of the price. 


   Quanzhou Hi-Create Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to the production of toilet paper machine. If you're interested in toilet paper machines,please cantact Will send price and details.

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