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Tissue Paper Production Process

Maintance: 1. Sleeve roller chain operating 20 hours the 20 # engine oil should be added once. 2. Work 300 hours per gears the butter should be added once (winter: Sodium; summer: calcium-based). 3. Down time due to exceptional circumstances, delivery of nylon wheel base paper can be loosened to no tension, but it should be kept straight, no distortion, 4. Clean electrical power box, to ensure that all tensioning wheel can not be too loose....

Tissue Paper Production Process's Main features

1.Production process is controlled by PLC.

2.Operated and controlled by touch screen with production parameter displayed and equipment stopped automatically when paper is broken.

3.Jumbo roll paper is pneumatically fed and unwinding is equipped independently with a tension control device.

4.The rewinding process of the product is tight first and loosen afterward,with it stension adjustable.

5.Perforating line distance is adjustable.

6.Replacement of paper core,spraying of glue,cutting of paper ,all these work will be don-me in sequence on the machine.

7.Embossing are available with patterns to be selected by client.

8.Bearing ,electric components and synchronous belt  are Chinese famous brands.

9.Double embossing roller can be  produced to meet customers’ demands,glue applying device can be  added to produce kitchen towel,the auxiliary1-3 color printing  device  can additionally be provided.

Tissue Paper Production Process's Technology parameters
Max.parent roll diameter:1000-1200 mm
Core inner dia.of parent roll:Standardφ3' (76.2mm) unless otherwise specified
Data setting:PLC
Operate speed:0-160m/min
Mechanical driving:Driving by stepless gearbox
Pneumatic system:3HP air compressor, min. pressure 5kg/cm2 ( provide by user)
Main driving:4.5KW

Tissue Paper Production Process's Optional Device

Embossing unit:Steel to steel, steel to felt, steel to woolen, steel to rubber
Paper unwind stand:1-3 Stands (The Qty.of raw paper rolls to be specified)(to be ordered)
Gluing:Gluing on Convexity(to be ordered)
Printing system:According to customer's printing pattern(to be ordered)

Tissue Paper Production Process's Note
1.Knife roller axis horizontal deviation less than 3mm/m.
2.Locking bolt must be completely fixed.  .
3.Air compressor should be set at less dust areas   
4.Electrical control cabinet should be set to avoid humidity, avoid the sun position
5.Grounding wire, and the ground wire shade less than 4 Ohm.
6.Before operating:
a. Understanding the basic principles of this equipment and operate.
    b. check the machine the situation of clean and installation.
    c. Check the circuit connections and routes.
    d. Check the belt tension if standard.
    e. manually check the condition of operation of the load.
    f. check the movement direction if correct.

Tissue Paper Production Process's Detail:

Tissue Paper Production Process's Finished products:


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