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Paper Toilet Machine

Paper Toilet Machine

Equipment Function & Character : 1. It is suitable for the cutting and rewinding of material, such as, toilet paper, non-woven fabric, air-laid paper and so on, with adjustable tightness of rewinding. 2. Operation of whole machine is controlled synchronously, which can raise speed instantly...

Equipment Function & Character : 

1. It is suitable for the cutting and rewinding of material, such as, toilet paper, non-woven fabric,

air-laid paper and so on, with adjustable tightness of rewinding.

2. Operation of whole machine is controlled synchronously, which can raise speed  instantly and suit high-speed operation.

3. Unwinding of jumbo roll is pushed by step-less speed-regulator  to stable material tension during unwinding.

4. It uses air cylinder to control tightness degree of rewinding, which is reliable  and convenient in operation.

5. Diameter of punched driving roller is large, suiting rewinding of large and small roll.

6. Bearing, electric components and convey belt are import brands.          

    In adition , It can be used to emboss,put glue between 2 plies of paper, perforate, cut and rewind toilet paper. It's equipped with 2 mother jumbo roll stands, two embossing units and a glue-lamination unit, a perforating unit, cutting knives and a rewinding unit. And you should add paper core and separate finished roll out from machine by hand.The machine can upload jumbo roll onto machine automatically.

Main Technical Parameter :

Max.parent roll diameter(mm)

1000-1200 mm

Qty. of unwind stand(pcs)

2-3 stands

Core inner dia.of parent roll

Standardφ3' (76.2mm) unless otherwise specified

Data setting


Operate speed(m/min)


Outer dia.of finished log(mm)


Core inner dia.of finished log(mm)


Main driving(KW)


Perforating size(mm)


Core outside dia. Of finished product(mm)


Optional Device

Embossing unit

Steel to steel, steel to felt, steel to woolen, steel to rubber

Paper unwind stand

1-3 Stands (The Qty.of raw paper rolls to be specified)(to be ordered)


Gluing on Convexity(to be ordered)

Printing system

According to customer's printing pattern(to be ordered)

 Equipment for toilet paper

Finished Products Of Jumbo Roll Paper Cutting Machine :

( We have a professional R&D team to redesign our machine to produce other kind of paper as per your requirement. )

 Equipment for toilet paper


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