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Toilet Paper Machine Price

According to the degree of automation, the toilet paper rewinder is divided into the automatic toilet paper rewinder and the semi-automatic toilet paper rewinder. Full automatic core changing units,no need people to put paper core.rewind and auto-sending the finished paper, Rewinding reset can be adjusted immediately and can adjust any kind of paper tube....

Toilet Paper Machine Price's Introduction
Full automatic toilet rewinding and perforating machine is a new kind of life sanitation equipment. The production of kleenex with health, convenient, economical three advantages. Our machine principle was to use the knife roll to slit jumbo roll, perforating and rewinding the seted diameter long paper roll,auto sealing and slitting,then using the band saw slitting machine to cut the long paper roll to small toilet paper roll, produce with paper core and without paper core.

Toilet Paper Machine Price's Technology parameters
Max.parent roll diameter:1000-1200 mm
Qty. of unwind stand(pcs):2-3 stands
Core inner dia.of parent roll:Standardφ3' (76.2mm) unless otherwise specified
Data setting:PLC
Operate speed:0-160m/min
Mechanical driving:Driving by stepless gearbox
Pneumatic system:3HP air compressor, min. pressure 5kg/cm2 ( provide by user)
Main driving:4.5KW
Perforating size:90-500mm
Core outside dia. of  finished product:20-50mm

Toilet Paper Machine Price's Optional Device

Embossing unit:Steel to steel, steel to felt, steel to woolen, steel to rubber
Paper unwind stand:1-3 Stands (The Qty.of raw paper rolls to be specified)(to be ordered)
Gluing:Gluing on Convexity(to be ordered)
Printing system:According to customer's printing pattern(to be ordered)

Toilet Paper Machine Price's Application scope
Toilet paper used in kitchen, industrial, house, hotel,company, everywhere.

Toilet Paper Machine Price's shipping

Highway transport, a way of transporting passengers and goods by road facilities and equipment. The vehicle is generally a vehicle or other trackless vehicle or the others.

Toilet Paper Machine Price's Detail:
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Toilet Paper Machine Price's Finished products:
toilet paper machine price2049.png


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